Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fake Stars and Fake Planes

Rincon Mountains
Oct 21 12:00 am - 6:00 am Oct 22/2009

This experience was a first. These lights were not stationary at any point nor were they ever
pretending to be stars. They flew PAST us. They made no noise. They
came from seemingly nowhere both times, one light at a time. Perhaps
the same light visited us both times.

On this night we were at some weird place we came across called X-9 Ranch... it's privately owned land within the Saguaro National Park right by the Rincon Mountains. That night we had two very-low flying bright lights visit us -once to say hello and once as we were leaving. The light was completely silent, the object itself was indistinguishable but I believe it was just pure light. One solid bright light like a candle, with smaller flashing colors in or around it. It flew a bit quirky and nervously, as though it was drawn to us against its will. I think the attention we were giving it made it feel uncomfortable.

The first light came from the south in the direction of the city. Though we were both looking in that direction when it appeared, neither of us saw where the light originated from nor did we see it approaching from a very far distance - it just became "there". When this first light came I flashed a high-beam flashlight into the sky (the type that beams through the air and can be seen for miles) at it which caused it to start fly/floating a bit drunkardly. It tried to veer itself away from the B-line on which it was coming towards us. Then it just tried to act cool and fly smoothly, attempting to maintain a more android flashing sequence, floating away like it had not notice us.... but in a "looking out of the corner of it's eyes" at us sort of way. But it was too late for his ruse! He/it had already been busted out and discovered as some sort of an intelligent life form as it responded to our stimuli (both physical, i.e. flashlight; and mental/verbal, i.e. thought and verbal command/request).

The second light appeared later coming from the north. My friend and I had both agreed it was time to get going. I turned around from my view of the city to look back at the mountain right behind us and coming up from behind the mountain over the top came an identical light to the one from earlier. I said "Look, they came to say goodbye!" My friend turned around and said "Whoa, where the hell did that come from?" I was pleased and we both watched it as it floated/flew awkwardly towards us and jumped a bit in its flight path with the small quickness of a firefly. It was an entity.

Oct 20 12:00 am - 6:00 am Oct 21/2009

They perch over the mountains and I drive up to them. Get close
to the basin of the mountain and they'll give you a private show.

The night before the previous incident the same friend and I were again late-night hiking, this time around the Catalina mountain area. It was a man-made hiking trail and an easy one at that, however it surrounds it's hikers on either side with fencing lined with dense bushes on the left to separate the businesses/housing area and on the right... nothing but desert and barbed-wire fencing beginning where the width of the hiking trail ends and no-mans-land begins. This desert shrubbery was particularly unnerving in an exciting sort of way because there are very dense desert trees, bushes, shrubs and so forth mixed with cacti and all sorts of hiding spots that some sort of stalking predatory animal could come out of.... You could just feel it... I sensed we were in "Cat Country". I told my friend the vibe I was getting and he agreed it could very well be. Never the less we journeyed on.

We found a little hidden rock area to chill and watch the stars. I had noticed while we were on the trail two aliens positioned over the mountain. (I just call them aliens, a.k.a UFOs). I had my eye on them and went back to the trail to go see them while my friend stayed on the rocks. I watched them and they were the typical "posers" in the sky; trying to look like stars but completely having trouble staying still and they were VERY responsive to thought. I confirmed that those were my aliens for the night and went back to chill with my friend on the rocks. Before long we heard the screams of some sort of animal - probably a bob cat or a mountain kitty - and we reckoned it was time to go.

Before we left I stopped my friend on the trail and said "Look. See those two aliens?" pointing towards them right above the mountain's top horizon. He said "Yeah I do..." I said "Watch, does it look like they are moving?" The aliens began to wiggle out of their stationary positions in the sky. I moved my arms, like a conductor of an orchestra, and directed them which way to go in the sky. I would lift up my arm and motion to the right, they would fly that way in the sky in tandem. To the left, and the same. Figure 8 too. I said "Are you seeing this?". He said he did. He was astonished and quiet and humble. He took on the same calm awe that I had seen in my other friend who experienced the same phenomenon with me the first time over the same mountains about a month earlier. They just watched in quiet and seemed accepting of it and me, the crazy girl who thinks she is an alien who brings them to the mountains to play with UFOs. I have great friends. lol.


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  2. sheila like you're interest in the things beyond this human world we should talk more

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  4. Love your work Sheila
    I;m from Australia and believe me I have seen strange things in the sky here also...I spend many a time just looking up! People forget to do this...You'd be very surprised what you can see...